Engineering your dreams into reality

O'Connor Sutton Cronin is a client focused Multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering Practice.
Our people centred business focuses the talents of our diverse multidisciplinary team of experts to deliver best in class
Consulting Engineering Services with Design Flair, Exceptional Quality and 'Can do' Attitude every time.
When you entrust us with you project, we deliver.

Introduction & Overview

Founded 35 years ago as a small Dublin Structural Engineering practice we today stand proud as an International Multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering Practice having delivered over 11,000 projects in 15 countries. Multidisciplinary is a key focus of the practice. Our Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Sustainability, Public Health, Environmental Engineers and Ecologists provide expert advice to a diverse range of clients in all sectors of the economy. When we say we will deliver we do!

Our Vision

We strive to be the best design focused Consulting Engineering practice in the markets in which we operate providing friendly Consulting Engineering advice that is best in class and delivered with design flair, Exceptional Quality and with a ‘Can do attitude’ every time.

Our Values

We are an honest people centered organisation where we tailor our services to the varied needs of our clients. Our remarkable team are recognised as our greatest asset and we strive to provide a Wellness centered fulfilling life long career to all our people.

Our Purpose

To provide best in class Consulting Engineering services to allow society to provide for the needs of this generation while protecting the environment and minimizing the resources we use so future generations will have resources available to meet their needs.



Our Directors have decades of experience in a variety of industries, and are ready to provide the resources and guidance you need. Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner or a leader with a track record of success, our directors have the skills and know-how to drive your project forward.

Our Associates are uniquely positioned to offer you a range of services. From analytics to creative design, our associates are prepared to help you identify your goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and make sure that plan is executed efficiently.

At OCSC, we take pride in our team’s experience and skills. Our directors and associates are here to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed. So, don’t wait any longer. Check out our list of directors and associates today and start making your dreams a reality.


OCSC recognises it has a responsibility to the environment and society in general. Our Engineers and Technicians are at the forefront of ensuring that the environment is protected for future generations.


At OCSC we want you to be at your best. Our Wellness programme is designed to proactively manage health and wellbeing. We have a range of Wellness supports e.g. Disconnection from Work policy and regular advice from health specialists.

Career Development

At OCSC we want your career to develop without limit. We will ensure that you get the support, skills and knowledge you need to bring your career to where you want it to be.

30 Years of OCSC


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Founded on 1st. November 1988 as a structural engineering practice in a basement apartment in Dublin O’Connor Sutton Cronin is now an award winning multidisciplinary practice with 6 primary offices in Ireland and the UK.
We have delivered some of the most complex projects in Europe. Expanded to a full multidisciplinary operation the practice now delivers many special projects combining the cross discipline skills. Take a look at out 30 year booklet which itemises the progress from the first project to link two warehouses together to the multi phase complex urban regenerations which now epitomise our portfolio. Our continuum can include your next project where the OCSC ‘can do’ attitude will bring your vision rapidly to reality.

Careers at OCSC

At OCSC you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to making your world better. You will help create better spaces to ‘live, work and play’. You will join a talented team who will ensure the highest technical standards that will also protect the environment for future generations. OCSC Civil and Structural teams can help design and build the infrastructure, while our M & E teams can bring ‘life’ to these facilities.


The content here gives you a general idea of the services we can provide but is limited by the requirements to edit Website content. If something sparks your interest or we can be of assistance please do get in touch below to see how the O’Connor Sutton Cronin energy can make a difference to your project! The right expert will reply on our behalf soon.