Causeway Meadows, Roundwood is a mixed-use development comprising 59. No. Residential Units

May 16, 2023 charlene.knox

Causeway Meadows, Roundwood is a mixed-use development comprising 59. No. residential units (10 No. four-bedroom houses, 37 No. three-bedroom houses, 2 No. two-bedroom houses, 1 No Three-bedroom apartment, 6 No. two-bedroom apartments and 3 No. one-bedroom apartments in two apartment blocks) and 4 No. Commercial units in several phases.

The site is located in Roundwood Village next to Roundwood Garda station and it is directly accessible from Main Street R755. The site is overseeing a vast green area and Vartry Reservoir Lake. OCSC has been commissioned by Beakonshaw Ltd. to provide services of civil and structural design as well as to act in the Assigned Certifier role.

OCSC has undertaken extensive design works in landscape modelling using Site3D (Civile Engineering Design Software) to overcome challenging site geometry and provide footpaths that are Part M compliant. We are proud to say that one of the outcomes of the Site3D design is a more economical cut-and-fill design where we have reduced the site fill by over 60% in comparison to the original planning design.

OCSC is currently near the completion stage of Phase 1 which comprises 27Nrs. of houses constructed in ICF on traditional strip footings, with hollow joist floors and prefabricated timber trusses. [ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) is a modern construction technology where polystyrene blocks are formed on-site into a permanent shuttering which is flexible to accommodate walls of various thicknesses. This is a mass concrete method, where walls are additionally reinforced according to design requirements. The construction method allows the combination of various engineering technologies (e.g. deep beams, strut-and-tie models) and materials to accommodate architectural spatial requirements. The method allows fast construction whilst providing sustainable living units.

The construction works on Block 2, one of two mix-used blocks, are undergoing. Blocks 01 and 02 will be constructed in traditional cavity walls on strip footings, with precast floors and reinforced concrete beams acting as transfer elements.

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