Celebrating International Bat Appreciation Day

April 23, 2024 charlene.knox

Bats are not only remarkable creatures but also essential pollinators and natural pest controllers. They help maintain the balance of our ecosystems by controlling insect populations and aiding in the dispersal of seeds. By protecting bats, we are safeguarding the delicate ecological balance that sustains us all.

In Ireland, we are fortunate to have nine established species of bats. It’s important to note that all Irish bats are protected under national and EU legislation. Both the animals themselves and their roosts are safeguarded, making it an offence to disturb or interfere with them without a license. The Leisler’s bat (Nyctalus leisleri) is the largest species of bat in Ireland and is pictured above.

At O’Connor Sutton Cronin, we understand the significance of bat conservation. From conducting comprehensive bat surveys to designing bat-friendly infrastructure, we prioritise the well-being of these incredible mammals in all our projects. Join us in celebrating International Bat Appreciation Day. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on the preservation of these remarkable creatures.

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Eleanor Burke

Environmental Director

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