Early Careers At OCSC

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Professional independent recognition through Chartership is an important milestone for Consultant Engineers. As the first part of this journey Graduates benefit from the OCSC Graduate Programme. The Programme is competency based during which you will learn all the skills and knowledge you will need to progress your career towards Chartership. A Mentor is appointed to each graduate to assist them during this transition. The Programme duration is normally two years.

As you progress towards Chartership additional opportunities arise;
– Working in another OCSC office e.g. London, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Birmingham.
– Opportunity to work on different range of projects.
– Working remotely while travelling.
– Career Break.


OSCS offer students a fantastic way to gain first-hand experience of a career at OCSC. These Internships are offered during Summer months to students who are near to competing their studies and who have a real interest in a career as a Consultant Engineer.

Many Interns will continue their Career as Graduates in OCSC.

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Apprenticeships (UK)

OCSC offer a wide range of apprenticeships across our UK offices. Apprentices study a wide range of professional disciplines which include Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental Engineering and more. We offer you guidance and support throughout the training process, helping you to develop your skills and build your confidence.

Undergraduate Mentorship Programme

Every year we invite final year students to join us for a number of evenings to assist you make your engineer career choices. The Mentorship programme includes workshops, a site visit, and a work shadow day with an experienced engineer.

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