The Science of Lift Traffic Analysis...

Lift Traffic Analysis (LTA for short) studies the performance of a group of lifts based upon a buildings expected occupant traffic situation.

At OCSC our Electrical Engineers are trained in the use of the latest Lift Traffic Analysis software which is used to predict future occupancy vertical travel patterns within a building allowing them to accurately determine the required number, size and speed of lifts for your development.

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Our Experience is your peace of mind....

Since 2009 OCSC has carried out lift traffic analysis studies for hundreds of lift installations. We carry out LTA’s for all sectors including commercial, residential, hospitality & health and we will engage with all the relevant stakeholders regarding your lift installations on your behalf, even if it’s a one off installation.

Our designs allow for all types of lift installation including but not limited to Platform Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Fire-Fighting Lifts, Goods Lifts, Vehicle Lifts, Travelators & Escalators.

So, If you have a project that requires specialist lift design you can be rest assured that OCSC has the in house expertise to deliver it on your behalf from start to finish.

What makes us different....

Having that in-house expertise at the start of your project gives the Architect confidence in planning your buildings cores and ensuring nett lettable area is maximised by calculating the most efficient lift quantity and size based upon your buildings occupant density levels.
Introducing Destination Control for example on lift quantities greater than four can see lift numbers reduced due to intelligent algorithms utilised in lift groups.

Our Engineers will carry out the design & manage the lift tender process ensuring the right lift manufacturer is selected for the project both in terms of functionality and cost.

Our lift studies ensure compliance with the latest standards such as CIBSE Guide D Vertical Transportation in Buildings whilst taking into account BCO (British Council of Offices) Guidelines for commercial office developments in terms of achieving the recommended average waiting times etc. We will ensure your lift installation adheres to the requirements of the EN81 standards, all parts where applicable.

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Tom Jones

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