Fitzwilliam Square Improvement Scheme

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May 2021

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Wicklow County Council





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Brian O’Rourke

The Fitzwilliam square project was developed to improve the aesthetics of the Wicklow Town center while also complimenting the historic importance of the Halpin monument and railings surrounding the green space. The extent of the scheme extends along Abbey Street (from the entrance to the public car park at AIB Bank) to Fitzwilliam Square and its junctions with Church Street, Bridge Street, and Main Street.

  • The design solution incorporates the characteristics of the existing central railed-off space. The monument is retained in its current position. The existing railings were restored insitu and a series of terraces take up the change in level across the central space with alternative paved and grass terraces.
  • The historic street pattern was retained on the southern side of the central space through smaller unit pavings. Footpaths resurfaced throughout and a new public realm was created on the northern side of the central space. The footpath on the northern side of Bridge Street was widened, loading bays incorporated into the new paving and high-quality paving flags and setts utilized to be consistent with the treatment and materials used at Market Square in the town. The palette of street furniture includes cycle stands, bins, bollards, and directional signage to enhance the legibility of the town center.
  • A primary objective of the scheme was to provide improved and safer transport and pedestrian facilities in Wicklow Town and environs and throughout County Wicklow and that structure and road infrastructure are durable, have low maintenance and be cost-effective. In an area such as Fitzwilliam Square, it was imperative that the selected and utilized materials were not only durable but also aesthetically appropriate for its location and complimentary to the remainder of the main street area.

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