OCSC have a proven track record when it comes to the refurbishment of older buildings. From dilapidated inner city terrace buildings to stand alone large castles we have gained top class experience in the remediation and refurbishment of same.

The protection of our client’s asset or state asset is our primary concern. When it comes to listed buildings a great deal of due diligence is required from the outset. Working with a state agency or Grade 1 Conservation Architects, OCSC completely respect the limitations in placing remedial actions upon such projects and all such projects must be considered as a ‘faithful restoration’.

When OCSC receive an appointment on such projects, we organize as intensive structural survey of the property which is within the guidance of the Conservation Architect. Prior to us proposing specifications and structural solutions, OCSC prepare a structural report that will include Stability, Health and safety considerations, temporary propping, deformations and deflections in the structure, cracking, bonding of walls, lintels, specialist testing for say capacity of existing stairs etc., timber joist quality and bearing conditions, drainage conditions, asbestos, ground conditions, capacity of certain structures for vertical or horizontal extension or both and these are some of the considerations which will be in the report. Our extensive experience tells us that not all will be uncovered and to be prepared for surprises.


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