From housing developments to iconic high-rise buildings and some of Europe’s largest regeneration schemes

Delivering sustainable well designed communities

OCSC have developed a strong reputation for delivering exemplar award winning residential and mixed use developments both in the UK and Ireland. From housing developments to iconic high-rise buildings and some of Europe’s largest regeneration schemes, our Directors and our Engineering Teams are passionate about delivering sustainable well designed communities which residents aspire to live in. We work closely with a number of the country’s leading Property Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Housebuilders and Universities and we are delighted that the majority of our work is gained through repeat business. Our Director’s hands on approach and experience in the residential market ensures that all value engineering opportunities are considered and captured at the early stages of design.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our sustainability team ensures we incorporate the latest innovative technologies in our Structural Frame designs, SUDs systems, Project Energy Strategies and Embodied Carbon and Post Occupation analysis. OCSC are fully committed to delivering the optimum solution for our clients and the communities we are delighted to be a part of.

Design innovation & cutting edge technology

OCSC are at the forefront of design innovation and cutting edge technology. Our team of experienced engineers use sophisticated software to achieve the most efficient cost effective design solutions. In addition to delivering projects using traditional methods of construction (RC Frames, Masonry and PC Floors, etc.), OCSC have also delivered several thousand homes using Modern Methods of Construction. From Modular Framed Pod Buildings to Fully Precast System-Build Buildings, OCSC have specialist in-house teams who work closely with System Build Contractors to design and adapt these systems to suit the specific project needs.

Every project is unique

At OCSC, we appreciate that every project is unique and has its own challenges. From building next to live railways, waterways, listed buildings and sensitive assets to setting up ESCO agreements and operational engineering, our teams have exceptional experience in resolving these matters and obtaining the best value solutions for our clients.

Customer’s Journey

In addition to focusing on the quality of the home, we consider in great detail the future resident and the journey they take as they travel through the development. We consider the “Customer’s Journey” from the front door of their house or apartment to their car, the train station or the bus stop, and how we can enhance this experience through providing high quality design of the public realm, external lighting and services integration with landscape.


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