The Red Kite is a stunning bird of prey with a crucial role in Ireland’s environment

October 19, 2023 charlene.knox

Next up from our Ecology Team is Eadaoin Butler and her favourite species, the Red Kite.

The Red Kite (Milvus milvus) is a stunning bird of prey with a crucial role in Ireland’s environment. Although once almost extinct in Ireland, conservation has successfully brought them back. During construction, it’s crucial to consider the Red Kite’s presence as they play a role in maintaining ecosystem balance by scavenging carrion, which can help manage waste and maintain a healthier environment. While these birds of prey have adapted to living in proximity to human activities, their preferred habitat typically consists of a blend of woodlands, open countryside, and ample foraging opportunities.

An interesting fact about Red Kites is that they are known for their acrobatic flight displays, twisting and turning in the sky with remarkable agility. Ongoing monitoring and protection measures are in place to ensure the continued success of the reintroduced Red Kite population. Our team carries out bird surveys year-round from breeding birds to wintering birds and everything in between!

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Eleanor Burke

Environmental Division Manager

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