Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and leisure covers a large variety of project types and OCSC have completed numerous examples within this sector. OCSC’s portfolio includes the following:-

Public realm schemes
Leisure centres
Leisure facilities within developments
Swimming pools & Health Spa’s
Wedding venues
Tourist attractions

To ensure the success of these projects the design team has to fully incorporate the client and end user requirements. For example, in a public realm scheme, there are many stakeholders that have a vested interest in the design, construction and in use stages of the project. When designing a tourist attraction the various numbers of visitors and their individual needs are integral to the design development. As a hands on, responsive consultancy, OCSC will work with the other design team members to ensure that these requirements are taken on board and incorporated in the design process. The personal care to deliver the design and express the detail to the contractor to ensure the requirements thread is continued through to the end product is a key value OCSC provides in the Tourism and Leisure sector.


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