Traffic, Transportation & Mobility Management

OCSC have specific expertise in the areas of traffic, transportation and mobility management which are relevant to a wide variety of projects at different stages. Our Transport Engineers have considerable experience in working on projects across a variety of sectors including residential, commercial health, leisure etc. We are committed to working closely with clients and design teams to identify optimal solutions supported by high quality documentation including bespoke reports and drawings.

Services offered include:

Traffic & Transport Assessments – carried out in accordance with the appropriate standards including the TII Traffic & Transport Assessment Guidelines, OCSC deliver detailed analysis that is tailored to suit the project in question and presented in a thorough report. This includes specifying bespoke surveys, interrogating available transport data including Census records, liaising with the Local Authority and other relevant stakeholders, site accessibility assessment,
comprehensive trip generation estimates, detailed modelling using task specific software and iterative design guidance for roads and junctions;

Mobility Management Planning – developed as per the National Transport Authority guidance as a tool to facilitate and encourage a positive modal shift towards sustainable transport and an increasingly required measure for planning applications in particular. OCSC take a personalized approach to each development, considering the nature of the use and the specific characteristics of the location in question to identify reasonable and effective measures which can be provided to encourage the use of public transport, walking and cycling over travel by car. Where the occupants are known, OCSC work with them to gather site user specific information via methods such as travel surveys to provide a further refined plan tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of those it will serve;

Parking & Mobility Strategy – OCSC have pioneered an updated approach to car parking strategies in urban areas for the benefit of development cost in particular but also in line with local and national sustainable transport objectives. Our tailored methodology assesses a wide variety of factors including survey data, local travel patterns, site and development specific features to aid in identifying the appropriate parking provision for all types of development. This
is particularly relevant for new residential developments to avoid the over-supply of parking and requirement for basement level construction. We also develop a management strategy to ensure this approach is sustainable and managed on an ongoing basis.

Transport Capacity Assessments – An increasingly relevant issue in recent times, OCSC have developed a unique approach to assess the capability of public transport infrastructure to cater for the demands from specific developments. This is based on fact based calculations for estimated demand and existing capacity combined with peak period observations to demonstrate on a first hand basis the available capacity;

Where not covered by the above, our expertise allows us to aid in addressing any less typical issues or opportunities our clients may have. Some examples include feasibility studies to assess the development potential for a given site and assessments of existing infrastructure such as car parks or road layouts to identify improvements or complimentary measures to improve operation, efficiency, legibility etc. So if you have a project that requires any element of transportation engineering input, you can rest assured that OCSC has the necessary expertise to deliver it.


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