CPCNI – Construction Professionals’ Council of Northern Ireland

August 2, 2022 charlene.knox

Regional Director David Fletcher from our OCSC Belfast office who is the chairman of the CPCNI – The Construction Professionals Council for Northern Ireland which is the umbrella organisation for 19 professional bodies in the construction sector in NI. Over the past few years David has played a massive part within CPCNI when organising various conference events. CPCNI has a collective membership of over 9,000 construction professionals. Representing the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in NI. CIC advises the UK Government. CPCNI acts in the interests of its constituent members to promote best practice in the procurement of professional services; providing a strong voice to the NI Government on matters that impact the sector. CPCNI is working for the greater good of the construction industry and we want to work with the NI government to help deliver the initiatives that they are putting place.

To provide the CPCNI members with up to date and essential information to allow them to provide their relevant services professionally and effectively, CPCNI organise a series of presentations such as :- Annual Signature Event In 2021, the Annual Signature was titled ‘New Thinking, Responsible Actions – Grenfell, Construction Professionals Respond’. Following the Grenfell Tower disaster, the subsequent inquiry and findings, the event addressed how the industry, both locally and nationally, with specific reference to construction professionals, can practically address the necessary improvements to industry competence and culture. Speakers included Dame Judith Hackitt OBE, author of the Hackitt Report on Grenfell Tower, Graham Watts, OBE, CIC Chair, Professor John Cole, CBE, Author of the ‘Report into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools’ Paul Hyett, Expert architectural witness to the Grenfell Inquiry. The 2022 Annual Signature Event is due to take place in September and will provide the members with an insight into the recent Building Safety Bill Act and how this will come to affect work by CPCNI professionals. CPCNI also work with their Legal Partners, Carson McDowell, to provide updates in legal aspects to the industry. These are provided each year and provide CPCNI members with up to date legal issues that are affecting the industry. The recent series of talks were as follows. A further series of talks will be rolled out this autumn.

David Fletcher

Regional Director
Belfast Office

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