Intern Emily Keys shares her experience on working with OCSC

November 3, 2022 charlene.knox

What three things have you learnt since joining O’Connor Sutton Cronin Emily?

While I had AutoCAD experience before coming to OCSC, I had the opportunity to really develop my skills and have learnt so much more about its capabilities, such as features like Autotrack.

I was also given the opportunity to use software which was new to me, such as Site3D. I found this software to be an excellent tool for civil engineers due to its vast range of features and ease of use.

Finally, I learnt how to create professional drawings for both Structural and Civil Engineering projects. These gave me insight into the standards needed for these drawings and the variety of projects I got to work on helped me to see so many aspects of both Civil and Structural engineering.

Overall, I have had a great experience at OCSC. The people in both the Belfast office, where I was situated, and the other offices were all so friendly and were kind enough to teach me so much throughout my internship which I am truly grateful for. I feel that this experience has really helped prepare me for the 3rd year of my Civil Engineering degree and I will miss it!

Charlene Knox

Digital Content Creator
Belfast Office

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