Wallingford Care Home

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February 2023

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No. of Units:

75 Units


St Joseph Homes





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John Millar

Phase 2 of Wallingford comprises the development of a 1.62-hectare site, a parcel situated within a larger development of a 32.37-hectare site that is bounded by Calvin Thomas Way (A4130) to the east, Wantage Road to the North and North East and Queens avenue to the East and South.

  • The Phase 2 project consists of the construction of a three-storey, 75-unit extra care home.
  • The proposed building is to be constructed using a traditional masonry frame with precast hollow core slabs to form the upper floors.
  • The ground floor is to be constructed with a beam and block floor system spanning onto main load-bearing party walls and additional intermediate sleeper walls. A steel frame is utilised within the entrance hall, lounge café, and restaurant areas to accommodate the required open spaces.
  • The building will have traditional strip footing foundations to a depth of 1.5m.
  • The perimeter walls are to be constructed using red brick for the external façade and a mixture of 140mm and 100mm loadbearing blockwork to the internal leaf.
  • The roof is also formed using precast hollow core units with timber trusses to form the pitched roof.

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