East Pavilion (Belfast Truss)

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May 2019

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Eastside Partnership


OGU Architects and Donald McCrory Architects


Farrans Construction

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David Fletcher

O’Connor Sutton Cronin was appointed as the Structural Engineers for the Built: East Pavilion (Belfast Truss). The truss was originally designed to recycle the waste of shipbuilding timber, the Belfast Truss also inspired the team to make careful use of resources.

  • The roof design was created to replicate the original roof design of the city’s largest factories, which included the Belfast Ropeworks which originally faced the site.
  • Traditional craft skills combined with innovative technologies enabled the creation of bespoke building components that could be rapidly assembled on-site.
  • A 1:1 scale prototype was CNC produced to develop the design of each truss and joint.
  • East Pavilion was the “Small Project Winner” winning design in the Belfast Flare competition run by the Royal Society of Ulster Architects.
  • The Belfast Truss represents the area’s history of manufacturing ingenuity along with providing a flexible place for the community to engage and move through, meet, mend bicycles or to hold an exhibition to remind the community of its heritage.

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David Fletcher


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