Bray Seafront Plaza Scheme

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September 2021

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Brian O’Rouke

O’Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates were appointed by Wicklow County Council to deliver the Bray Seafront Plaza scheme.  The scheme involved:

  • Removal of the existing parking on both sides of Strand Road in front of the Aquarium building.
  • The road was raised and the width was reduced to 5.5m to reduce vehicle speeds.
  • The paved area on the eastern side of the road is now a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists with transition zones provided on either side to create awareness for pedestrians and cyclists that they are entering a shared area.
  • Moveable planters and seating were provided on both sides of the civic space to create a sense of place.
  • The paved area on the western side of the road is for pedestrians only and a loading bay was provided to facilitate deliveries to the businesses.
  • Both sides of the road are paved with high-quality paving and the footpath along the northern and southern sides of the aquarium building were also paved using the same high-quality paving.
  • Uncontrolled pedestrian crossings were provided on desired lines and covered bicycle parking was provided to the south of the aquarium building along with decorative street lighting.

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