East Village Clay Farm

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Completion Date:

July 2023

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No. of Units:

295 Apartments




O’Mahony Pike Architects


Walls Construction

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Eamon Prendergast

O’Connor Sutton Cronin is proud to have provided the Mechanical and Electrical design for this fantastic development, which comprises 295 stunning apartments. In addition to the residential units, the development comes complete with a range of amenities, including a gym, concierge service and communal space. But what really sets East Village – Clay Farm apart is its commitment to sustainability.

One of the most significant features of the development is its district heating system, which serves the entire development. This system uses hot water to heat each unit and provides a more efficient solution than individual boiler systems. Additionally, air source heat pumps are included throughout the development, providing an environmentally friendly heat source that reduces the building’s carbon footprint.

Combined heating and power (CHP) systems are also incorporated into the design, allowing the building to generate electricity for use on-site. This greatly reduces the development’s reliance on grid-supplied energy, reducing its carbon footprint even further. Furthermore, the development includes mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which recovers waste heat and uses it to warm incoming fresh air. This system is particularly effective at reducing energy usage, cutting the development’s carbon footprint, and improving indoor air quality.

In addition to these impressive features, we’re also proud to have provided advice on EU taxonomy compliance on behalf of the new building owner. This ensures that East Village – Clay Farm meets the latest EU standards, making it a genuinely sustainable development that is at the forefront of our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

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